KCM 11 juni 2017

I would like to thank the Bearded Collie Vereniging Nederland for inviting me to judge at their Clubmatch. I was very honoured and really enjoyed my day. I have not judged overseas for a number of years and it was a real pleasure to come over and see some lovely dogs and also meet with some lovely people. Thank you for the privilege.

I found the quality in the Beardies high and there were some difficult decisions. One of the best things that I found with the dogs was the lovely dark eye colour, much better than we have in the UK. I was very impressed with the eyes and expression. Also I found the temperament very good and a lot of the dogs really enjoyed their day out.

The negative points are also the same as in the UK, some of the dogs were too short in back and lacked front extension. There were also a few with short legs which is becoming a problem everywhere. I think that breeders need to look at this and take note when looking for a stud dog as we do not want the problem to get any worse.

I was very impressed with the puppies as there were some real beauties and this is very healthy for the future. I thought that some of the places could change another time as the quality was so high. It will be interesting to see how they develop.

The juniors were also very impressive with the bitch gaining the Reserve CAC. It was interesting to find that the winners were brother and sister.

My main winners were very good ambassadors for the breed and I was really pleased with them. When judging Beardies I look for a balanced dog with good angulation in the front and rear and a steady, easy movement that shows that the dog can do the job that it was bred for. The coat is the icing on the cake. With all my main winners I felt that they fit the standard perfectly and was very pleased to award them the top honours.

Judge: Mrs. Lesley Tomlinson   

Beste Reu en CLUBWINNAAR: Ch. Braemoor's Boudless Joy F/E Imke Groenier

KCM 2017 BR en Res BRg

Res Beste Reu: Clan of Stork's Outlander F:M. Ojevaar E: M. Eilers

KCM 2017 BT en res BT n

Beste teef: Waterfall Flows of the Benji Bunch F: F.C.M. Goossens E: F/ W. Achten
Res Beste Teef: Midlands-Corner Just a Dream F/ E :H.Bernds-Schlabes

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Met dank aan Anneke en Annemiek.

Het was een fijne jubileumshow, een kundige keurmeester en vooral veel goede medewerkers.
Heel veel dank, voorzitter en secretaris BCVN


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